4 min readSep 6, 2021


The HR department is the only link that involves every aspect of the employee lifecycle from hire to retire. The best human resource management software (HRMS) is a robust tool for businesses to unify their workforce.

Moreover, human resources have to manage every employee, team, and department of your business to ensure productivity. Centralizing the entire workforce on a single platform has immense benefits on your work processes.

In this blog, we will dive deep into how to centralize human resource operations on a single platform. The best HR software in India will help to centralize the HR operations of every organization in the following ways:

Integrate Applicant Tracking System:

The top HR management software will automate most of the recruitment aspects to reduce the work burden. For instance, this technology will post the job description on various portals within a few clicks. Additionally, the HR system will gather all the responses from the candidates on a single platform for easy screening. Moreover, the best HR software in India will have artificial intelligence integrated into the system. As a result, businesses can screen the gathered resumes and filter the best ones; as per the required job role. This technology will even schedule interviews and send a reminder to the candidate about the time. The HR system solution will give you an overview of the status of the recruitment process.

Self-Serve Employee Portal:

Onboarding is one of the most crucial steps for any organization, which they need to execute with efficiency. The human resource software will help the business owners to automate and centralize their onboarding process. The best HRMS will create login credentials for the new hires for them to log in and upload all the relevant documents. Furthermore, they can fill all the required forms, sign documents and access the organizational policies. The HR solution will gather the data, store it on a central server for easy access and updates. This technology will give you an overview of all the pending onboarding tasks. Additionally, The HR system will also allow the employee to; track attendance, apply for leaves and reimbursement.

Integrated Learning Management Software:

The training of the new hires is a big responsibility of the human resource department. The top HR management software will have the best learning management system integrated to; execute training efficiently. It will help the business owners to personalize the training program as per the user’s knowledge and skillsets. The HR software will track the candidate’s progress to; understand the impact of the training module. The best LMS will have artificial intelligence integrated to evaluate employee training performance.

Integrate Payroll:

Every organization needs to process accurate payroll to keep the employees happy and maintain a positive brand image. If you have traditional processes to calculate and process payroll, you will have to gather information from various files. The top HR software in India will have a payroll module integrated to process the payroll in a single platform. This software will gather information from various systems and departments to process payroll and benefits with ease. The best HR software with payroll will help process taxes, PF, ESI, PT, and other mandatory compliances; by the local governing bodies. You can also go through how to improve workplace experience with payroll software.

Evaluate The Employee Progress:

Performance management is the responsibility of the HR operations and takes necessary actions based on the progress. The human resource management software will help organizations to set clear performance expectations with the employees. Furthermore, it will track the performance in real-time and give you an overview of the accurate work progress at any time. This software will help to make data-driven changes in the process to increase efficiency. The right HR software in India will centralize the data across all the departments to process payroll and benefits.

Develop The Best Talent:

Any organization must spot the best talent and develop them into the future leaders of your organization. The HR software will track and evaluate the resources in every aspect to find the most deserving candidate. You can make data-driven decisions about the most suitable candidate for any promotions and career growth opportunities. The HR system will record the entire developments during the employee lifecycle with your organization.

Compliance Management:

Compliance plays a vital role for any organization because it influences its brand image. The HR management software will centralize all the compliance measures and aspects on a single platform. This technology will record all the compliance breaches to take action against the violators. The HR system will ensure that all your departments, teams, and resources follow the compliance policies.

Smooth Offboarding:

The last milestone of the employee lifecycle is offboarding, which the HR team has to perform. The best HR management software will help to streamline the offboarding process for every organization for smoother worlflow. Because; the HR software will have the entire data of the employee since the first interaction during the recruitment process. Additionally, this software will also have all the data about assets allotted, benefits availed, and other details. The human resource system will automate the offboarding process to complete the process quickly. We have compiled a list of the top 10 HR software in India for you to explore and evaluate.


The best HR software in India is a robust tool for business owners to centralize the entire human resources operations on a single platform. Centralizing the employee lifecycle from hire to retirement on a single platform will have a tremendous impact; on any organization.