Why Is HR Automation Vital in 2021

4 min readJun 21, 2021


The human resource department unifies the entire organization and is the only link throughout; the lifecycle. There are many organizations globally that still use traditional methods to perform their HR functions. The manual processing of tasks will increase operational time, mistakes, and tediousness. The HR leaders globally are implementing the best HR software in their process to automate tedious tasks and increase efficiency. Process automation has a tremendous impact on every aspect of human resources and their functions. The recent pandemic that surged the world has a tremendous impact on the global population. There is a huge paradigm shift in every aspect of human life and the business world. In this blog, we will study why is HR automation a crucial step in 2021:


The recent pandemic has changed the way recruitments and onboarding happen. The best HR software will inform the human resource department of all the current vacancies in the entire organization. Additionally, this software will help to post the job descriptions on various portals in a few clicks. Furthermore, it will gather all the responses; on all the portals screen them, and choose the best interview candidates. The HR system will automate the interview schedules and inform the candidate about the same. Moreover, this software will automatically share the results with the candidate and inform them about the further process.


Onboarding is a challenging task that is even tougher when the workforce is remote. Because onboarding includes filling forms, signing documents, and understanding the organization’s rules. Manually Managing the process will increase the operational time, money, and paperwork. The best human resource management software will create an ID on the portal so they can upload their documents. Additionally, new hires can fill the form, go through the company rules and sign all the necessary documents. This technology will automate the onboarding process and store all the documents digitally, which makes it easier to navigate.

Time tracking:

It is a crucial task for the human resource department to keep track of employee inputs. Manual tracking the time of every employee will be time-consuming and exhausting, which can have many errors. The HR software will automatically track the employee login and logout time to understand their inputs. Additionally, this software will help track how much time; does the team spends on tasks and completing a project. This technology will help to analyze which tasks are the most of the time spent on and which can be automated to reduce the operational time. It will help to track the employee inputs even when they are working remotely or temporary workers. This software will help to track the attendance, consolidate the reports and share them with the entire team automatically.

Expense management:

Expense is a vital resource for any organization, and manual tracking will increase the errors and time. Mistakes in expense management will deplete your essential resources like finances and might have legal complications. The best HRM software will keep track of the business expenses; automatically to give you an overview of profits and losses. Moreover, this software will automate attendance and performance tracking to calculate and processing of payroll. Additionally, some advanced solution will give login credentials; to vendors where can automatically update the invoices and raise a payment request. Moreover, it will also help to automate recurring payments to your vendors like office or equipment rentals.

Leave management:

Another essential aspect of the HR department is to manage the employee’s leaves. Managing the leaves manually will create errors and might impact your employee availability. The online HR software will help the employees to have look at their leave balance at a glance. Additionally, they can apply for leaves in their kitty, which the manager can approve or reject. This software will give the managers an overview of the number of leaves approved on that day to ensure team availability based on the requirement.


Employee offboarding is another task which the human resource department has to manage. The HR management software will help to automate the process and simplify the offboarding process. Because; the employee can fill a resignation form and will share it with the managers, which need to be notified. Additionally, this technology will help understand how many employees are on notice period; to start filling the positions.

HR analytics:

Business data analysis will help the leaders to understand the organization’s performance. The online HR software will track the data, store it and analyze it to give you an overview of business performance. Analytics will help you spot the challenges and come up; with a strategic plan; to overcome them. This software tracks the employee performance automatically to understand the top and bottom performers. It will help recognize the top performers and reward them; to keep them motivated and feel valued for their efforts. Furthermore, you can make a strategic plan to increase the performance of the bottom performers.


The best HRM software will have automation and artificial intelligence integrated to make the most out of the process. Automation helps to reduce the work burden on the HR team, simplify their task, and increase; team efficiency.